Requesting Voter Lists


Request Voter Lists

  • From York County
    • Street List (name, residential and mailing addresses, party and status - active/inactive)
    • Full Voters Export List (all voters in county. voter ID#, name, sex, date registered, status, date status, last changed, party residential address, mailing address, polling place, date last voted, all districts in which the voter votes (i.e., congressional, legislative, school district, etc.), voter history and date the voter’s record was last changed.) Please request from PA DOS
    • Super Voter List (all voters in the county or precinct that have not missed one Primary or Election the report also provides precinct, voters name residential address, mailing address, party, and status.)
  • Price List for printed copies - Boroughs  | City  | Townships -  (Lists will be available soon)
  • Pay Online