FAQ on Mail-In Voting

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** NEW **

If you signed up to be an annual mail-in voter in Pennsylvania, you DO NOT need to re-apply for a mail-in ballot. You will automatically receive a ballot in the mail in September or October.

If you're not sure if you checked the "permanent" box on your application, go to votesPA.com/MailBallotStatus and enter your information. As of now, your status will be listed as "pending." Closer to the election, you will see when your ballot is mailed and when your vote has been received by our office.

If you received a ballot in the mail in the primary and DO NOT WISH to receive a ballot through the mail in the fall, please click on this link to stop receiving them.

If you recently moved or will move before the November election, contact our office to ensure that your mail-in or absentee ballot will be sent to your new address.