Frequently Asked Questions

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How often are assessments updated?

The Board of Assessment appeals will call for a County wide reassessment when the common level ratio falls 15% below the predetermined ratio. It is the responsibility of the Board of Commissioners to fund the reassessment.

How often can I appeal my assessment?

You can appeal you assessment yearly. Make sure you appeal before August 1st deadline.

Does my assessment change because I am in the Homestead program?

No, your assessment stays the same but you get a reduction on your school tax bill if you are approved for Homestead.

How can I see if I am in the Homestead program?

Look at your school tax bill. If you are in the program you will see the Homestead reduction on your bill. You can also look up on our website (Click here)

Do I need a lawyer to appeal my assessment?

No. However, you should have an appraisal completed to prove to the Board that your assessment is too high.

I own a Mobile Home in a Mobile Home Park, am I eligible for Homestead?

Yes you are eligible, provided you are listed as owner of the mobile home in The County database.