Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Criteria For Application To The Ag Land Preservation Program

 The farmland tract must:

  1. Be located within a duly recorded Ag Security Area (ASA) containing 500 acres, or more. Note the 500 acres required to create this area, is made up of many farms owned by a variety of different owners.
  2. Contain 50% of the soils in Land Capability Class I through IV, which must be available for agricultural production (cropland, hay land, pasture lands).
  3. At the time of application, the farmland tract must have a soil and water conservation plan with at least 50% of the conservation plan implemented. The plan must be current to the farm operator and address all areas of current commercial agricultural operation. Lands qualified as harvestable must be included in the conservation plan. Farms with significant conservation concerns may not be considered eligible.
  4. Prior to easement settlement, all conservation plans must address the entire easement area and satisfy the requirements of the PA Clean Streams Law.
  5. The farmland tract must produce a minimum of $10,000.00 in annual gross farm income, averaged over a three year period, for eligibility to the easement program.
  6. Have a Nutrient Management Plan, or, Manure Management Plan as required by State Law.
  7. Be at least 50 acres in size, unless:
         a. Parcels are adjacent to farmland permanently protected under a conservation easement
         b. Produce a crop unique to that region