Application Checklist

York County Agricultural Land Preservation Program - Checklist of Application Requirements

Please see below the requirements you must complete in order to submit a complete easement application for the consideration of your farm for agricultural conservation easement purchase (preservation):

1. Complete this application. All lines must be completed. You may need assistance from the farm operator, if you are not the farmer. All owners of record (names on the deed) must sign the application.

2. Attach a photocopy of your recorded farm deed (s). If the farmland tract is owned by a Partnership, please provide the Partnership Agreement with the named officers.

3. Attach a copy of your complete conservation plan. Note: you may have to request a copy from your farmer, or request a conservation plan from the York County Conservation District. See the Cooperator Form if you and your farmer determine no conservation plan exists for your farm.

4. Attach any additional documentation you feel necessary to provide crop or livestock production, farm income, capital improvements, conservation practices completed, etc.

5. Attach a map if you are not offering the entire farm for easement consideration. Note areas to be excluded from the easement.

6. Please sign and return the "USDA Authorization for Release of Records". A copy is provided for the landowner and the farm operator.

7. Following initial application, please contact the Program Office if changes to your farm deed or operation should occur. A current application results in a timely and accurate evaluation.

8. Retain this checklist to keep notes as to your application progress, information you have provided, as well as information remaining to be provided.