Program Milestones

1989-2015 - Program Milestones

June 1989 - Board first assembled

February 1990 - Board formally appointed by York County Commissioners

May 1990 - Staff is hired

August 1990 - York County Easement Program is approved by the State Ag Land Preservation Board / First (63) applications are evaluated and ranked

January 1991 - First applications are selected and appraised for preservation

December 1991 - First easement purchase acquired

December 1996 - First re-certification of the county easement program

Summer 1996 - First Federal Farmland Protection Program (FRPP) Funds allocated to York County through the Federal Farm Bill

July 1997 - York County Easement Program preserves 10,000 acres

December 1997 - First Cooperative effort of York Farmland Trust and YCALPB to preserve the Harold Eichelberger farm

February 2000 - York County Planning Commission publishes "York County Agricultural Preservation" - YC Comprehensive Plan Resource Report. Cites recommendations for protecting York's farmland resources

June 2001 - Cooperative Agreement signed with York County Conservation District, USDA-NRCS and the YCALPB

Spring 2002 - Farmland Trust and YCALPB launch first joint marketing effort through the York Foundation Anderson Fund / Land Trust Alliance (Brochure & Public Meetings)

April 2003 - Farmland Trust and YCALPB complete the preservation of the 615 acre farm of Mary Swann & Josh Brumfield in cooperation with the PDA, PA Game Commission and DCNR Grants

September 2003 - YCALPB Easement Program preserves 25,000 farmland acres

October 2006 - YCALPB celebrates the preservation of 30,000 acres

December 2009 - YCALPB notes $ 1,155,764 received by York farmers through the USDA - Federal Farm Bill, "Farm & Ranchland Protection Program" since 1996.

2010 - YCALPB learns York's ACE program is 3rd in PA and 8th in Nation for acres of farmland preserved & YCALPB notes preservation total includes 240 farms on 37,654 acres.

2010 - YCALPB notes preservation total includes 240 farms on 37,654 acres.

January 2011 - YCALPB evaluates a record 9,827 acres of productive farmland.

February 2011 marks $63,601,421 spent by York County, Commonwealth, and USDA-NRCS for ag conservation easement purchases.

March 2011 - YCALPB receives preliminary approval for $ 935,502 in FRPP funds bringing the total FRPP funding received by York farmers to $2,091,266.

March 2011 - YCALPB begins discussions with York County Commissioners to explore a long term funding source for York County farmland preservation efforts.

December 2011 - York County Ag Conservation Easement Program receives approval by York County Commissioners and PA Ag Land Preservation Board for 7 Year Review and Recertification

March 2012- YCALPB received from the York County Ag Business Council the Ag Industry Award

July 2012 - County Commissioner’s and YCALPB approve County Easement Donation Program

December 2012 – YCALPB preserved its first Donated Easement

December 2013 – YCALPB preserves second Donated Easement

October 16, 2014 - PDA- State Ag Land Preserve Board and Pennsylvania celebrate at Flinchbaugh Farm Market – 500,000 acres of farmland preserved
December 2014 – YCALPB preserves two additional Donated Easements

April 17, 2015 – YCALPB preserves 40,122 acres of productive farmland

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