Boating and Fishing

7/14/20:  Lake Redman Boat Rental is closed for the season 2020.   

A launch permit is not required for use of your own canoe or kayak on Lake Redman or Lake Williams.  

York County Parks Boating Regulations


75-30.   Water Activities and Fishing

Subject to all Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Rules and Regulations

It shall be unlawful:

            A.        To tow any type of device on any body of water, except for emergency purpose only.

            B.         To operate: watercraft driven by air propeller and/or gasoline motor, inner tube and/or air mattress, water-ski, seaplane, toy water craft, sailboat with a keel except sailboats with a retractable or six-inch or less keel, inflatable devices except those made with durable material having 3 separate buoyancy chambers and longer than seven (7) feet in length, any watercraft not designated or constructed as a means of water transportation, any unseaworthy watercraft, and model remote control airplanes/boats (except by Park permit).

            C.         To swim, scuba dive or snorkel

            D.        To operate a watercraft operation within 100 feet of any dam and areas marked by buoys.

            E.         To operate any watercraft which endangers any person or watercraft or property

            F.         To launch at non-designated launching areas.

            G.        To fish (including bow fishing) at non-designated areas either from the shore, dam or from a watercraft.

            H.        To use drinking fountains, springs, lakes or waterways for washing purposes.

            I.          Withdrawal of water from a stream, lake or pond by a commercial or any other entity without prior approval from Parks Director.