Summer Day Camp

 See why nature makes us brighter!

York County Parks education staff is delighted that you may be joining us for summer programs. Summer is for fun, new friends, exciting adventures and making memories. During Nature Discovery Program day camps, your child will explore, experience, discover and learn while having fun. We invite you to learn more about programs offered this summer by clicking on the link  2019 Nature Discovery Programs. For an informational brochure: CLICK HERE

Want to become a leader and take your first steps in the field of environmental education? We are now accepting applications for Leaders-In-Training for the summer of 2019.

Our Curriculum: 

York County Park summer programs provide environmental education learning experiences based on the Constructivist Learning Theory. This honors background experiences and provides discovery-learning opportunities. One of the most important goals of our curriculum is to encourage students to become lifelong learners, discovering the amazing wonders of nature.

Our programs are formed around the following learning styles:

  • Linguistic: reading, writing, story telling
  • Logical/Mathematical: experiments, problem solving, reasoning/logic.
  • Spatial: drawing, building, designing, puzzles, using their imagination
  • Musical: singing, instruments, sounds, rhythm
  • Kinesthetic: moving around, games, dance, sports, body language
  • Interpersonal: group/teamwork, communicating, sharing, cooperating
  • Intrapersonal: journaling, individual work, working in an independent self-pace instruction
  • Naturalistic: discriminate among living things as well as sensitivity to the natural world features.

Discover with us. Grow for life.

Our Programs:

  • Small Wonders (For ages 3-4 with an adult):  Small Wonders is just the beginning of your child's lifelong learning adventure. Park staff will build on the student's energetic nature and their natural awe and wonder with new experiences using hands-on sensory exploration to learn about their world. Park staff will direct and instruct lessons while parents guide and learn alongside their child as they grow to become nature enthusiasts.
  • NDP 1(For ages 5-6):  Nature Discovery Program 1 utilizes the student's new ability to focus by honing the student's observation, exploration, and discovery skills. Throughout the week, children will engage directly with nature through outdoor walks, games, and activities. Park staff will lead students on quests to make exciting discoveries about the fascinating world outside while learning respect for animals and nature.
  • NDP 2 (For ages 7-8): Nature Discovery Program 2 draws on the student's capacity to make connections to study the needs of plants and animals. Students will discover the ins and outs of nature through hands-on discovery learning, reading and journaling. Park staff will lead hikes, lessons, games, and crafts while helping students to develop a sense of wonder about the place we live. 
  • NDP 3 (For ages 9-10): Nature Discovery Program 3 will delve into the cool, the bizarre, and the yucky sides of nature. Park staff will guide students as they explore, experiment and engage directly with nature. Students will partake in excursions, games and activities while learning to be environmental stewards.
  • NDP 4 (For ages 11-13): Nature Discovery Program 4 is filled with high energy outdoor recreation activities to launch students into lifelong leisure pursuits. Students will make personal connections to nature while engaging in fun-filled educational adventures. In a small group setting students will engage with peers, professional staff and guest scientists to explore in depth natural history and science topics. Field trips to other centers and natural areas will help build skills and support a more rounded understanding of the environment for any student.
  • NDP 5 (For ages 14-16) Nature Discovery Program 5 brings teens to a higher level pursuit of nature and outdoor recreation. Bike rides, cave crawls, boating, camp-fire cooking, hikes, and more in York will open eyes to the fun that waits in their backyard. Teens that have grown up in the digital age need nature too, and we would love to guide them on this journey with their peers. Sign up quickly only 15 spaces available.