Staff, Boards & Contact Information

Administrative Staff

Administrative Headquarters email:
Nixon County Park Nature Center email:

Tammy F. Klunk             Parks Director                              (717) 840-7227

Michael E. Fobes           Mgr. of Natural Resources           (717) 840-7228

Kelsey A. Frey               Mgr. of Education & Outreach     (717) 428-1961

Barry L. Myers               Director of Public Works             (717) 840-7230

Joshua Dewees             Asst. Supt. of Bldgs.& Grounds   (717) 840-7610

Patrick Noll                    Asst. Supt. of Bldgs.& Grounds   (717) 840-7610

Nancy Keiser                     Naturalist II                                     (717) 840-7226 

Andrew Wolfgang         Naturalist II                                     (717) 428-1961

Brandon Pentz                    Naturalist II                                     (717) 428-1961

Melanie S. Neff                 Administrative Assistant               (717) 840-7440

George Erskine            Chief Ranger                                   (717) 840-7229



York County Advisory Board of Parks and Recreation Board Members

Chairperson - Robert B. Weikert,  Vice Chair -  Sherri Ierley, Secretary - Jason McSherry, , Joshua Bean, David Morgan, Matt Dubbs and Robert Innerst, Brian Addison and Lyndi Illyes. 

Liaison to the Parks Board - York County Commissioner Christopher B. Reilly.

A nine-member volunteer board appointed by the York County Board of Commissioners to serve as a liaison between the Parks and the public. The public is encouraged to attend board meetings, held the third Tuesday of each month, at 6 p.m.  Contact the Parks Administration Office for meeting locations.

York County Parks Foundation Charitable Trust Board of Trustees

President - William T. Morris, Vice President - George "Skip" Lehmann, Secretary - Linda Davidson,  Treasurer - Steven Ricklefs, Rick Cooper, Amanda Snoke Dubbs, Milton J. Menchey, Michael Russo, Timothy E. Senft, Floyd Warner.

A volunteer board appointed by the York County Board of Commissioners is dedicated to raising and managing funds to expand our park lands and facilities.

York County Parks Emeritus Board

This is an honorary board of individuals who have served their terms on the York County Parks Advisory or Trust Boards. Members (advocating the Park’s mission and vision statements) voluntarily serve on committees, act as spokespersons within our community, participate in park functions, events and programs.

Mission Statement: The Emeritus Board is dedicated to supporting, promoting and educating the public and community about the importance of the York County Parks system.

George “Skip” Lehmann - Honorary Chairman