About Us

The York County Department of Parks and Recreation is part of the York County Government and is governed by the York County Board of Commissioners. The York County Advisory Board of Parks and Recreation works with the Executive Director and staff to maintain and preserve your parks. The York County Parks Foundation Charitable Trust oversees monies that are donated to the parks for either specific projects or in-kind donations.

In 1968, the Board of County Commissioners faced the realization of diminishing open space and an increasing public demand for recreation and park facilities and programs. The York County Parks Department was established to provide the community with a wide variety of activities and to acquire, develop, maintain and preserve lands for further generations to enjoy.

The York County Parks currently maintains over 4,300 acres for your enjoyment. Each park features different activities and a different theme. So whether your interests include relaxation, sports, environmental education, history, wilderness or recreation, there is something in the York County Parks for everyone.


York County Parks, 400 Mundis Race Road, York PA  17406
Administration: (717) 840-7440
Email:  Parks@yorkcountypa.gov
Follow us on Twitter:  @yorkcountyparks  OR Facebook:  York County Parks



Regular park hours are from daylight until dusk. This may vary from park to park depending upon hunting and fishing seasons or the scheduling of special events. Hours for the main office of the York County Parks located at John Rudy County Park are as follows: MONDAY - FRIDAY - 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Closed 12:30 - 1:00pm for Lunch and closed holidays.



TUESDAY-SATURDAY 8:30 AM to 4:30PM, SUNDAY 12-4:30 PM.

Park grounds are open daily from daylight to dusk.  Phone:  (717) 428-1961 


This division provides security, enforcement and public relations. Rangers are available daily though our park office or by contacting 911.


 A book written by Elleanor Boggs Shoemaker,  Parks, People, Preservation and Public Policy  Tells the story of how the York County Parks was created. Price: $16.90. Contact the Parks office to get your copy!



Trail/Park maps are available. All maps are free of charge at the Parks office or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the office.  Or maps can be printed from the Park specific page of this web site.


Because of the wide diversity of activities, facilities and environments found in the York County Parks, a number of volunteer opportunities are available. Currently, the York County Parks works with such groups as the Master Gardeners, ARC of York County, York College of Pennsylvania, Izaak Walton League, YAMBA (York Area Mountain Bike Association), Boy Scouts of America, and Girl Scouts of America. Groups using the parks regularly volunteer their time to improve our facilities. Individual volunteers have played a major role in conducting different tasks ranging from staffing at Nixon Park to maintaining the flower beds in the parks. Individual and group volunteers are encouraged to contact Park Headquaters at (717) 840-7440 for more details or download the volunteer brochure.


York County Department of Parks Recreation enhances the quality of community life acting as a steward for the environment. In this capacity, it acquires, conserves, and manages park lands and offers a variety of recreational and educational opportunities.


York County Department of Parks and Recreation strives to be the County leader in environmental conservation, preservation, and education. Programs and projects in these areas reflect sound management and stewardship principles and a strong organizational commitment to innovation and public service. 


As steward of the County's park lands, the York County Department of Parks and Recreation:

  • Creates customer-friendly environments
  • Provides a diversity of natural areas to promote passive recreation
  • Conserves and interprets the natural and historical aspects of park resources
  • Listens and responds to park users
  • Encourages safe and responsible use of park resources
  • Strives to maintain the highest level of professionalism
  • Enters into partnerships and pursues networking
  • Promotes and honors volunteer participation
  • Fosters innovation and creativity in fulfilling mission responsibilities
  • Cultivates new sources of support and funding