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To find a list of providers delivering Behavioral Health, Substance Use Treatment or Mental Health Services to adults or children/adolescents, contact your insurance company.

Or visit this link to locate possible options near you from a complete searchable list of all current Providers in Network with Community Care Behavioral Health Click Here (type in your zip code, choose your county, click find a provider, select adult or child/adolescent, select mental health outpatient towards the bottom of the drop-down list to receive your list of local results). Pictured below are newly added providers and facilities for your convenience.


York/Adams HealthChoices Outpatient Providers Therapist Listing

The York/Adams HealthChoices Management Unit  surveys Outpatient providers quarterly, to receive updated lists of therapist in their outpatient programs.  This information is self-reported by the Outpatient Providers regarding their staff's specialties and certifications.  This listing is not all inclusive and it is subject to change.  Please use this list as a guilde to asslist you in locating an agency that can meet your behavioral health needs.  

Click Here for the List of Providers/Therapist (Updated April 17, 2015)

Below, you will also find a form, that details the acronyms used listed on the Outpatient Providers Form.

Click here for the acronymns.


Most recently added providers and facilities to York/Adams HealthChoices Management Unit:

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