As part of our Prevention Services, YADAC provides various training opportunities throughout the year on a wide range of substance abuse related subjects. These trainings are held in conjunction with the State Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP).

Training Questions? Please contact: YADAC Training @ 717-771-9222 or via Email

To see a full list of upcoming trainings, click here. 

Training registration cannot be accepted until course status shows “Open” and Registration Form is posted below.

Upcoming Events:


2017 Events Coming Soon

Date (s) Course Trainer Cost CEU

Registration Status & Form

04/03/2017 PCPC 3rd Edition Nancy Milliron $20.00   Click Here




Trainings are subject to change pending DDAP approval and registration requirements. Class size limited by DDAP and will be enforced. Participants will be notified of any changes via the email address listed with the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs’ Training Management System (TMS).

Training Participant Procedures

To participate in YADAC trainings, please follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Register with the DDAP TMS (Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs Training Management System).
NOTE: To participate in the training programs we offer, you must be registered in the TMS
To login or register:
Go to the TMS website: DDAP Training Management System
Follow the link for a "new user"

Step 2: Complete Registration Form
• Registrations will be entered on a first come, first served basis. Participants must be registered in the DDAP TMS prior to submitting the registration form.
Email, Fax or mail form to the following address:

Or mail to the following address: 

York/Adams Drug & Alcohol Commission

Attn: Training
100 West Market Street, Suite B04
York, PA 17401


  • Pay at site the day of training OR
  • Billed via invoice after training
    • We accept checks, cash (no large bills please) or money orders. Sorry, no credit cards.
    • Please make checks payable to YADAC.

Step 3: Confirmation

When you are registered, you will receive confirmation via the email address listed with the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs’ Training Management System (TMS). You cannot register via DDAP's site.

In order to participate however, you must have an account with the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs’ Training Management System (TMS) as a user. It is through this system that you will both receive your confirmation and access your certificate.

*Please note - The name on the registration form is the name placed on the certificate – please update the TMS with any name changes, employment changes or email changes.

Step 4: Obtain Certificate of Attendance

Getting Your Certificate

Certificates are not available at the training site and are are obtained through the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs' Training Management System (TMS) about four days after the training.   To obtain your certificate:

1.  Log onto the TMS

2.  Complete the course evaluation (Required)

3.  Then go to Report, attendance course certificate can be found there.

4.  You are then able to print your certificate for a training.

You can print as many certificates as needed.   Please remember that you must be registered in the TMS both to register for a course and to obtain your certificate.  This is a mandatory DDAP requirment.  

Quick Q&A 

Q. I followed the above but can't get my certificate, why?

A. There are several possible reasons for this.  Please remember that trainings are sponsored by and certificates provided through DDAP.  Delays in obtaining your certificate are commonly as a result of one of two things:

  • Unpaid fees.  Remember that if you register for a course and don't cancel, you will be assessed a $50 fee by DDAP.  Certificates cannot be printed until these fees paid.
  • The second common reason is that the participant has multiple DDAP TMS accounts.  Certificates are only available through the account under which you were registered.  To avoid this, please only keep one TMS account, keep the information accurate and current.

  If you can not remember your login information or need assistance, contact the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs training Section at 717-783-8200.