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Provider Notices RE Capacity and acceptance of clients

The folllowing are notices from our providers and the date they where posted.

  Date Provider
9/1/2017 Pyramid Healthcare methadone clinic- not accepting individuals until further notice due to staffing ratio.
9/1/2017 Pyramid Healthcare outpatient admission suspended until further notice.
8/22/2017 Colonial House Outpatient has lifted their admittance freeze
7/24/2017 Colonial House In-Patient is accepting males for admittance
7/18/2017 Integrity House is currently at capacity.
7/6/2017 Integrity House is at 90% capacity.
6/30/2017 Colonial House Outpatient is currently at 90% capacity, and is only admitting Priority Population.
6/5/2017 Colonial House Out Patient has lifted the admittance freeze; all individuals will be accepted.
5/18/2017 At this time, West Shore Outpatient is scheduling priority population evaluations a week from the initial call. They are also offering cross-referrals to other providers who may be able to evaluate in a shorter time frame.
5/5/2017 Colonial House Outpatient is currently at 90 percent capacity and only admitting Priority Population at this time.
2/17/2017 Colonial House Inpatient (Male) is currently at capacity.
12/05/2016 Effective Immediately, Colonial House Outpatient has enacted an admission freeze due to staffing issues.  They are still able to provide LOCAs to potentially initiate treatment but will be referring any Outpatient admissions to another provider and providing interim services as needed to specified populations.
11/30/2016 Colonial House Outpatient is currently at 90 percent capacity to admit.
10/19/2016 True North Wellness Services - Offices; Hanover, Gettysburg and Shrewsbury currently do not have a waiting lists.  The York office on Roosevelt Ave does have a short waiting list at this time.
07/07/2016 Colonial House has expanded a group room and two new offices at their OP.  As of now they are accepting priority populations for LOCA, OP and IOP.
07/07/2016 Colonial House is implementing Vivitrol at both their IP & OP locations.  This is currently only for Colonial House clients at this time. Once piloted, they have intentions of opening up Vivitrol to the public regardless of whether they are a Colonial House client.
07/07/2016 Effective immediately, CHIP (Colonial House IP) shall not accept female clients.  They will continue to treat the females currently residing at CHIP until they transition.  All beds that were female at CHIP shall transition to male.
07/07/2016 In order to more effectively treat the female population, Colonial House is seeking a separate IP location to treat females.  They have put a bid on a location in west York and are hoping that this location is able to be secured.  Whatever the location to be secured, they are seeking 16 female beds.  More information shall follow.
03/10/2016 Roxbury is unable to accommodate pregnant women for detox and rehab at this time
01/27/2016 Eagleville is not taking any referrals for 3C dual for at least a few months due to an extensive wait list.