Children, Youth and Families

Our Mission:


Protect Children

All children have the right to be protected from physical neglect and abuse, including sexual victimization, and from emotional neglect and abuse.

Promote Strong Families

All children have the right to live in a strong family that provides a safe and healthy environment, as families are the primary source of protection and nurturing for children.


Promote Child Well Being                                        

All children have the right: to be happy, thriving, self-actualized, educated and content; to have the opportunity to reach their full potential as individuals capable of healthy relationships and productive lives; and to have a fair chance in life with opportunities for healthy, balanced, and well-rounded development.

Provide Timely Permanency

All children have the right to live in a permanent family and to be granted timely permanency decisions, as these are critical to the health and welfare of dependent children.


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