New Medicare Cards Fraud Alert issued by the York County Elder Abuse Task Force

Periodically, members of the York County District Attorney’s office who prosecute devastating financial crimes will offer warnings about the latest financial scams targeting seniors here in York County.

Educating seniors about financial fraud is a top priority of the York County Elder Abuse Task Force. With that in mind, we want every senior in York County to remember the 3 Rs: Recognize a potential scam; Refuse to make any hasty decisions; and Report suspicious activity to police.

Stay safe and feel free to contact the District Attorney’s Office (717-771-9600) with any questions. 
     Dave Sunday
     District Attorney

March 2018 FRAUD ALERT – New Medicare Cards

Medicare, the federal health insurance program, has a significant impact on Pennsylvania’s elderly population.  As of 2015, an estimated 2.5 million Pennsylvanians were covered by Medicare.  There is a strong likelihood that you, or someone you know, has a Medicare card in their wallet or pocketbook right now.

In April 2018, Medicare will begin mailing new cards to its beneficiaries.  Medicare is doing this in order to protect beneficiaries’ identities.  Instead of listing your social security number, the new cards will list a unique Medicare number.  The good news is that you do not have to request a new card; it will be generated and sent to you automatically.

In order to receive your new Medicare card, make sure that you have your correct address on file with the Social Security Administration.  If you need to update your mailing address, visit your online Social Security account at or call 1-800-772-1213.  The updated cards will be sent out in waves, so don’t worry if a relative in another state receives their card at a different time than you.  If you want an idea of when you will receive your card, you can see the rollout schedule at You should receive your new card by April 2019.

As always, scammers will attempt to take advantage of the new roll out to try to obtain money or personal information.  Here’s a few tips to keep you safe while waiting for your new card:
• Don’t pay for your new card – Medicare is providing new cards at no cost to beneficiaries.  If someone is asking you to pay, it’s a scam.
• Don’t give personal information to get your card – if someone calls claiming to be from Medicare asking for your social security number or bank  information, it’s a scam.  Medicare will never ask for your personal information to assign you a new card.
• Guard your card – when you get your new card, shred your old Medicare card and treat the new one with the same care you did your previous card, a credit card, or social security card.

For more information, visit  If you find a scam, report it to the FTC at or by calling 1-877-FTC–HELP.