York County 911 Dispatcher of the Month - January 2019

Katie Flynn, Dispatcher #114


Katie Flynn, second from right, is photographed with York County Commissioners Doug Hoke, far left; Chris Reilly, far right; and York County Human Resources Executive Director Kristy Bixler. 

Katie has been with York County 911 for almost a year. Katie’s dedication and reliability are invaluable. She strives with educating and developing strong rapports while training others. Katie is the dynamic force behind the scenes, always managing her responsibilities with a smile and confidence. She is a natural. The management team at York County 911 would like to recognize Katie for her professional leadership!



Name Position Phone
Jacqueline Brininger 911 Director 717-840-2910
Tim Caldwell 911 Deputy Director 717-840-2911 
Roxie Tate Lead Training Supervisor 717-840-2938
Kelly Piero CAD Administrator 717-840-2937
Lisa Witmer Central Records Supervisor 717-840-2906
Kimberly Holtzapple 911 GIS/Addressing Supervisor 717-840-2941
Amy Smith Quality Assurance Supervisor 717-840-2948
Jonathan Grim MDC Administrator 717-840-2933
David Zurn Radio Administrator 717-840-2922
Christina Stoppard Telephone Administrator 717-840-2967
Vacant Lead Supervisor - Evening Shift 717-840-2964
Jo Probst Lead Supervisor - Day Shift 717-840-2984
Chris Lorenzen Lead Supervisor - Midnight Shift 717-840-2979
Scott Keener Project Manager 717-840-2926
William (Chance) Shuler IS Administrator 717-840-2969
Tabitha (Tia) Neal Customer Service Specialist 717-840-2936