The York County Records Division or SCOPE was born into the 911 Center in late 1976. It began with a staff of seven, one uniscope computer that was provided by the Pennsylvania State police and an IBM CRT screen that allowed entry of data into a database. With the uniscope we could query, enter, delete and modify hot file information directly into the Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network and the National Crime Information Center. It also provided us with an interface into the Department of Motor Vehicles for the purpose of accessing vehicle registration and drivers license information.

The IBM computer was named MISSILE, which stands for Magisterial Information System to Support Improved Law Enforcement. The purpose of MISSILE was to provide instant access to outstanding active warrants that were issued by all the York County District Justice Offices. Those warrants include summary, misdemeanor, felony and bench warrants issued by the Common Pleas Courts. Today, the MISSILE system houses information on approximately thirty-two thousand warrants and is available to all law enforcement and criminal justice agencies twenty-four hours a day. Some Pennsylvania State Constables have recently begun accessing MISSILE information through their personal home computers via a link with the County’s Information Services Division. Although the current staff consists of only six- full time SCOPE operators, two computer terminals to access CLEAN/NCIC and two PC’s housing MISSILE information, we entered approximately 4100 CLEAN/NCIC entries during 2003 and deleted over 42,000 warrants. Another of our duties includes processing criminal history requests for police departments, York County Probation department, and York County Children and Youth Services. We process all calls for the Duty Magistrate, on-call probation and parole officers and the on-call District Attorney. We also have a computer connection to the York County Treasurers office for the purpose of accessing information on all dog licenses issued in York County.

The SCOPE room has proven itself as a very valuable asset to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies by providing the latest and most up-to-date information in the shortest possible time.

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