Mobile Data Computer Communications (MDC)

The York County Mobile Data Computer (MDC) program is a joint venture between the York County Department of Emergency Services (YCDES) and local law enforcement entities in York County to include the County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s office.

In the fall of 1998 under the sponsorship of the York County Board of Commissioners, the then 911 Communications Center negotiated a contract with then Cellular One, now AT&T Mobility, wireless communications to develop and install a wireless communications network that linked the local law enforcement police cars to the Communications Center.  This system allowed officers in the field to have direct real time access to local, state and federal databases.  Then as now, YCDES provides the primary components to the system, as well as the overall administrative and maintenance supervision of the entire system.

The municipal, regional and county law enforcement entities that use the system contribute a monthly fee (for both cellular airtime and equipment hardware components and usage) to offset a portion of the overall cost of the system.  These funds are deposited into special accounts that were established by the York County Board of Commissioners in order to pay for the costs associated with maintaining this system.

To date, every one of the county’s 23 law enforcement agencies participate in this MDC program.  Over the course of time, this system has grown and many more features have been added to the system thereby vastly improving the information that is accessible to the officers in the field.  The following are some of the features that are offered (2011) as a part of what has grown to be an extremely robust system:

  • Mobile Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD)
  • Mobile Dispatching
  • On Line Penn DOT Crash Reporting
  • In car messaging
  • Mapping and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Access to the County’s LIVE Warrant Database (MISSILE)
  • Vehicle Identification Number database
  • JNET
  • Certified copies of PA Driving Records
  • Criminal History Information
  • Mug Shots of PA arrested persons
  • Access to Protection From Abuse Orders
  • Web based training
  • Many more useful law enforcement tools
  • Commercial Vehicle Records System (SAFESYS)
  • Gang Terrorists Information (BLACKASPHALT)
  • ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System (York City Only)

This system continues to evolve and provide the latest in ‘real time’ mobile based available information and technology to the more than 550+ sworn law enforcement officers in York County.  In early 2011, YCDES embarked on the latest Mobile Based Computing software by our CAD Vendor, New World Systems, out of Troy, MI.  This includes a brand new state-of-the art Mobile CAD product with more user friendly computer access tools to include larger icons and touch screen technology.  Additionally, YCDES has embarked on a new project that will allow local law enforcement officers wireless remote access to their local Records Management Systems (RMS) by one of two RMS providers via their in vehicle MDC’s.  This will provide officers in the field the ability to not only access records in real time but it will also allow them to directly enter their field reports from the cars via the MDC and the wireless AT&T network.

As this technology continues to evolve and improve, the end result will be to continue to provide officers in the field more technology based tools that will serve to both assist in keeping them safe as they perform their day-to-day law enforcement duties as well as allow for local police administrators to better utilize their human resources in their continuing efforts to provide the highest level of police services to their local communities in the most fiscally responsible manner possible.

MDC Support Information:

Telephone: (717) 840-2928