Dispatcher Training

A career at York County 911 requires in-depth classroom training, coupled with on-the-job observation time, as well as hands-on training within the Communications Center.

DispatcherApplicants must pass a skills and knowledge test and a personality profile prior to obtaining an interview. Once selected for employment, entry level Telecommunicators will spend a period of seventeen weeks in a classroom environment and in the communications center. During classroom training the focus of study will be in Policy and Procedure, department standards, calltaking skills, intensive training in CAD (computer aided dispatch), geography, and radio operations. You will take several tests during this period and will be expected to achieve a level of proficiency that allows you to move forward with training. Periodic reviews are given to gauge the progress of the employee. Trainees will be nationally certified through the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch.

A ride-along program has been established for trainees. Trainees will ride-along with a police department, a fire department, and an EMS unit. The ride-along experiences give insight into the jobs Emergency Services provide and the vital link between them and 911.

DispatchersExposure to Emergency Management, becoming certified in CPR, obtaining Emergency Medical Dispatch certification, and gaining insight into the National Incident Management System (NIMS) round out the classroom portion of the training.

Once the trainee has completed the classroom study, on-the-job training begins. Trainees are assigned to Communications Training Officers (CTO) taking live emergency and non-emergency calls. Initially, this can feel intimidating. Everyone feels nervous when they first start taking calls. All of our senior dispatchers have completed the training and will understand and support you. During this phase of training you will shadow the CTOs, working the same shift assignments, and completing a rotation on each of the three shifts in order to experience different types of calls and pace of work. Your trainers will answer your questions, monitor your progress, and point out potential weaknesses and strengths.

Dispatcher TrainingA career in 911 telecommunications provides an invaluable service to the citizens and visitors of York County. We strive for excellence, and welcome individuals willing to make that commitment to join our ranks. If you would like more information, please read the job description.

Lead Training Supervisor, Roxie Tate can be reached at 717-840-2938 or via e-mail at srtate@ycdes.org.

Training questions and suggestions can be emailed to training@ycdes.org.