York County Special Needs Registry

SNR Logo - 9 2014

The York County Special Needs Registry is a free, confidential, and voluntary program offered by the Office of Emergency Management to aide local municipalities in identifying those residents in their communities who may need additional assistance during an emergency or disaster, as required by state law. This includes, but is not limited to, individuals:

  • with mobility difficulties
  • with intellectual or developmental disabilities
  • with sight or hearing impairments
  • with special medical equipment
  • without a reliable or consistent form of transportation
  • without access to emergency information via TV, radio, internet

Any information provided is collected into a spreadsheet and then forwarded on to municipal Emergency Management Agencies to assist in emergency planning and response efforts. The Registry can be used for more than just evacuation purposes -- the information it provides is also helpful in any emergency situation (fire, chemical spill, police incident, etc). All information is secure and confidential.

Please fill out the form below to register yourself, a family member, or client. A document is also available if you’d rather print out and mail a form to us.

You can also find information on emergency planning for children with special needs here.