Nuclear Power Plants

Peach BottomParts of York County are within the ten mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) of two nuclear power plants: Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station and Three Mile Island (TMI) Nuclear Power Plant.

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station

is located on the west bank of the Conowingo Pond (Susquehanna River) in York County, PA and is a 3-unit nuclear generating facility. Unit 1 was a 40-megawatt experimental high Temperature helium-cooled and graphite-moderated reactor. During its seven year life (1967-74), Unit 1 provided valuable technical and cost data to U.S. utilities for application to larger plants.

Units 2 and 3 are boiling water reactors capable of generating 1,093 megawatts each. Both units began commercial operation in 1974.

Peach Bottom is co-owned by Exelon Generation and Public Service Electric and Gas of New Jersey. Exelon Nuclear operates Peach Bottom.

Peach Bottom Emergency Information

Three Mile IslandThree Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant

is located on 382 acres in Londonderry Township, approximately three miles south of Middletown and about ten miles south of Harrisburg. TMI has now shut down. See the decommissioning information here.

TMI began operating in September 1974.

TMI is owned by Exelon Corporation.

TMI Emergency Information (.pdf)

What Farmers Should Know About Nuclear Power Plant Incidents.

Farmer's Emergency Information (.pdf)