Municipal Emergency Management Coordinators

In accordance with Title 35, each municipality must have a local emergency management coordinator and an up-to-date emergency operations plan. The coordinator shall be professionally competent and capable of exerting leadership, planning, training, and effecting coordination among operating agencies of government and controlling coordinated operations. The municipal coordinator helps the community to achieve proper levels of preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation for various emergencies or disasters that might affect the municipality.

For questions regarding appointing a coordinator, developing an emergency operations plan, or if your municipality is interested in teaming up with others to better utilize resources and efforts, contact Bill James at 717-840-2990 or

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Title 35 - Emergency Management Services Code
Act 147 - Radiation Protection Act


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 Coordinator Appointment Information

New Coordinator Description & Appointment Form


Coordinator Certification and Training

PEMA Directive
Sample Letter

You must be certified at the Basic Level within 1 year of appointment. You must be certified at the Advanced Level within 3 years of appointment. There is a 1 year waiting period between Basic and Advanced. You must also attend 3 out of 4 quarterly training sessions to maintain certification.

Local Certification Checklist - Basic
Local Certification Checklist - Advanced 
Local Certification Checklist - Professional

Program Orientation, Duties and Responsibilities

 Quarterly Training Schedule





Local EMC Quarterly Training

Jan 3, 2018

Jan 6, 2018

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Apr 4, 2018

Apr 7, 2018

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Jul 7, 2018


9 am - 12 pm



Oct 3, 2018

Oct 6, 2018

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Local Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Basic Plan and Checklists must be reviewed every 2 years.

Local Emergency Operations Plan Tool Kit

Pandemic Municipal Plan Outline

EOP Review, Maintenance & Concurrence

CEM Planner Training Schedule. Register here.

Module 1

March 8, 2017

6 pm- 9 pm



Module 2

April 5, 2017 

6 pm- 9 pm 



 Module 3



May 10, 2017

6 pm- 9 pm



Coordinator’s Resources

York County Local Emergency Management Coordinator's Handbook (updated November 2017)

York County OEM Section of Handbook (updated November 2017)

Resource Request Form

Emergency Management Handbook for Elected Officials

Duly Enrolled form

Duly Enrolled Directive

Hazard Mitigation Plan

COOP Manual

COOP Plan Template (.doc)

COOP Workbook Template (.xls)



 Elected Officials

Elected Officials Seminar. Register here.

Elected Officials Seminar

Feb 17, 2018

9 am- 11 am

Elected Officials Role in Emergency Management 

Emergency Management Handbook for Elected Officials

Elected Officials: What You Need to Know About NIMS

The First Hour


moore 112789 640

 Damage Reporting and Incident Reports

Initial Damage Reports

Infrastructure Disaster Damage Assessment

ICS 209 Short SCTF (.doc)

Municipal Public Assistance forms

Impact Statement

Declaration of Disaster Emergency forms

Damage Reporting Training

Initial Damage Reporting

Mar 7, 2018

Mar 10, 2018

9 am- 11 am

9 am- 11 am

Damage Reporting, Impact Statements

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Radio and Paging

Radio Help Desk 717-840-2924,

EMA Portable Radio Training (.pps)

Alpha Gold Pager Manual

Alpha Elegant/Legend Pager Manual

XG-15P Portable Radio Quick Reference Guide