Local company, BIG, takes reigns of 911 radio project

Many thanks to Eric Bistline for his years of service to York County. On Jan. 31, 2017, Eric retired from York County Department of Emergency Services as the executive director. He has led the county through some major transformations, one of which is the radio system we are currently deploying.

Radio Installation Work Begins

Technicians are on site at the County's 911 Center installing new radio eqipment as part of the 911 radio upgrade. 

FCC Approves Radio Frequency Licenses

The approval is crucial because demand for frequencies in the range is expected to outpace supply.

Microwave Vendor Overcomes Challenge Connecting Equipment

Launch of the system will be delayed by about six months due to the issue.

Tower Lease Work Completed

The tower leases are important because they are needed to mount equipment associated with the radio and microwave networks.