County Human Services

Covid-19 Drug & Alcohol Resources

During this unprecedented time, it is incredibly important to ensure the recovery community and individuals struggling with substance use disorders get the support and help they need. See available resources here from York Opioid Collaborative.

Updated information about both York and Adams Counties' local providers and services, as of today March 26, 2020: Covid-19 York/Adams Providers & Services as of 3-26-2020

Support Groups:

Recovery Support Services:

  • The RASE Project:  Continuing to provide intakes for MAT coordination and offering recovery support via phone.  Continuing to provide support/placements for Warm Handoff Program via phone.  York Office: 717-900-1926.

Treatment Provider Service Updates:

  • Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs Hotline:  1-800-662-HELP
  • Emergency Withdrawal Management 24/7:  White Deer Run Regional Support Center 1-866-769-6822
  • Gaudenzia:  Facilities will remain open but taking precautionary measures to keep individuals safe. Visit and fill out "I need help" "My Loved One Needs Help" Or "My Client Needs Help"  Contact Matt Null Marketing Manager at  717-497-7402 for more information
  • Innovo Detox:  Accepting referrals for private insurance but restricting non-essential visitors.  Call 717-619-3260
  • Recovery Centers of America:  RCA has implemented new policies and procedures due to COVID-19 regarding pre-screening, medical clearances and limiting exposure, but continues to admit new patients 24/7.  Contact Treatment Advocate Emily Geier at 215-337-5113 or 1-800-Recovery
  • White Deer Run:  WDR Facilities are still accepting clients but implementing precautions to reduce risk associated with COVID-19.  Contact Michelle Britton Regional Service Coordinator at 
  • York/Adams Drug and Alcohol Commission:  The building is closed to the public; however staff are still available during normal business hours at 717-771-9222