All personal items and clothing must be purchased through the inmate commissary.

No property may be brought to the facility unless medically necessary or for court appearances. 

Court Clothes are accepted Monday through Friday from 8am-3pm

Court Clothes consist of:  one (1) suit jacket or dress, two (2) dress shirts, one (1) pair of dress pants, one (1) pair of dress socks, one (1) pair of dress shoes (no sneakers or boots), one (1) tie, and one (1) belt.  These clothing items can be changed out every other day. These clothes will be searched and placed in the appropriate property room for court clothes; they must be picked up within (10) days after the court appearance or they will be discarded.  The prison will not be responsible for court clothing not picked up. 

When individuals are released from the prison any valuable property (i.e. jewelry, driver’s license/I.D., birth certificate, social security card, cell phones, etc.) left behind must be picked up within (6) months. 

Any remaining personal property (clothing items, shoes, etc.) must be picked up within (10) days after their release.   This (10) day policy also applies to any person who was removed from minimum-security/work release. 

The prison is not responsible for abandoned property; failure to have property picked up will result in disposal.