Inmate Rules and Policies


 Please select from the list at left or below to learn more about the rules, policies, regulations and procedures regarding inmates.



Any money an inmate has on their person upon admission, any money mailed to them or any money received from visitors will be placed on their inmate account.  A receipt will be issued to them for all transactions.  More Information about inmates accounts 'CLICK HERE'.



An inmate is permitted to correspond with the public, his/her attorney, and public officials.  For more information about receiving or sending mail 'CLICK HERE'.



All personal items and clothing must be purchased through the inmate commissary.  No property may be brought to the facility unless medically necessary or for court appearances.  For more information about personal property 'CLICK HERE'.


Telephone System 

A telephone is located in each housing unit for inmates use.  All calls are subject to monitoring, recording, and divulging information.  Phone calls are a privilege and can be taken away by a Supervisor.  All calls made by the inmates are collect calls.  Information about Telepone System 'CLICK HERE'. 


Prison Rape Elimination Act Information

York County Prison has a zero tolerance standard for incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault. All allegations of sexual harassment and assault will be investigated thoroughly in order to provide prompt medical and administrative intervention to those involved. While incarcerated in York County Prison, you have the right to be safe and free from sexual abuse and assault.  For more infomation 'CLICK HERE'.