Warden: Clair Doll

Our location:  3400 Concord Road, York, Pa. 17402-9007            

Prison Phone: (717) 840-7580

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office: (717) 840-7253 

Please note the following option available for legal mail starting March 1st, 2019.

  1. Attorneys, legal representatives, and court officials are authorized to send legal correspondence through email as opposed to standard mail. 
  2.  Please send all legal emails to
  3. This service is free of charge to both the attorney and the recipient.
  4.  Legal emails are protected, confidential, and will not be retained on our servers.
  5. YCP Mailroom clerks will open the emails and print in the presence of the inmate. Each inmate will sign for and be given a copy of a reciept indicating the sender and documents recieved. These reciepts will be retained, and  original emails will be deleted from the server.
  6. In order to utilize this free email service, attorneys or legal representatives must be verified in advance and added to our email list. Please email a copy of Bar card or G-28, photo ID,  and  email address to
  7. Once verified, York County Prison Records Department will send a confirmation email that you have been successfuly added to the group.


Please note the following options available for non-privileged (non-legal) mail/communication with a loved one in the facility: 

1.  GTL Tablets- Text messaging now available. Visit to create an account and place funds on an inmate account.

2. TextBehind (Available 10-15-18)- Standard mail will no longer be mailed to the York Prison's physical address. TextBehind provides a mobile application as well as a website where you can electronically send messages that will be printed and delivered to the prison. The inmate will recieve a copy of the mail and the original will be destroyed. Do NOT send any checks, money orders, or cash as they will not be accepted. Visit to explore other electronic options available. The mailing address for standard mail is as follows:

Inmate and ID number

York County Prison

P.O. Box 247

Phoenix, MD 21131

Please note: Effective today, December 11, 2018,Inmates/detainees may once again receive books and magazines via mail. All books and magazines must be ordered through Books-A-Million (BAM) and mailed to:

York County Prison

 3400 Concord Rd.

York, PA 17402.   

Please note the following changes to policy:

1.  Money Orders and personal checks will no longer be accepted in the Business Office.

2.  Paperwork such as birth certificates and checks that need signed by inmates will NOT be taken into the secure facility under normal circumstances. A sally port clearance must be obtained 48 hours in advance and will only be granted under special circumstances such as time-sensitive insurance or payroll checks. Personal checks or money orders are not considered a special circumstance. Please email for approval. You must provide your name, address, DOB, and state the reason for the request. You will recieve a confirmation or denial by email.

3.  All donated religous books need to be pre-approved by Chaplain Darin Schoch. Please call 717-840-7581 for pre-approval and to schedule a drop-off time.  





more information. 


Welcome to the York County Prison’s website.

The mission of York County Prison is to maintain a safe, secure environment for a diverse population of incarcerated individuals, staff and visitors. We are dedicated to implementing innovative methods of security and working with our community partners to provide quality education and evidenced-based treatment programs to increase the probability of successful community re-entry.

Inmates may be pretrial detainees awaiting trial or those already sentenced by the Court of Common Pleas. The prison also houses federal immigration detainees in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The facility has a maximum of 2400 beds and a maximum of 276 beds for the Work Release Center. All male and female Work Release Inmates are located at 3403 Concord Road, York PA 17402.  This building is directy accross the street from the main prison. Please note that Female Work Release inmates were recently moved to this building.  Employers may contact the Officer's Desk at 717-840-7593 with scheduling changes or questions.

The Inmate Rules and Policies section contains information regarding inmate funds, use of the telephone systems and policies regarding mail and personal property.

The Visitation section provides information for individuals wishing to meet with inmates incarcerated at the prison. There are general rules and regulations, as well as specific regulations and policies for children, adults, attorneys and other officials. Due to recently added security measures, no paperwork may be hand-delivered to an inmate/detainee during a regular vist. This includes any paperwork needed for signatures, checks, etc.  These documents must be mailed into the prison.  Official visitors such as law enforment and attorneys are still permitted to bring in necessary paperwork during their official visit. 

If you would like to find out when a prisoner has been released from our facility, please register for jail release notifications. This service is provided by VINELink, the national victim notification network.

Also available are male and female inmate rosters, which are updated daily, as well as information about eligibility for work release.