When You Arrive

When you arrive for service

The following information is meant to help you understand the steps you should take upon arrival at the Judicial Center:

  • Park in one of the specific parking garages where space is set aside for jurors. You will not be compensated for parking expenses should you park elsewhere.
  • Go through the security checkpoint at the entrance to the Judicial Center, located at 45 N. George St. in York City. Please click here for a list of items that are prohibited inside the Judicial Center
  • After passing through security, go to the elevators toward the rear of the building. Go to the fourth-floor jury assembly room and wait for further instructions

Once you’ve arrived in the jury assembly room, a judge will provide an introductory speech of jury selection and service. You’ll also watch an educational video explaining the process. You will wait to be selected at random to sit on a jury panel and participate in the Voir Dire process in the courtroom.

About Voir Dire

Voir Dire is a term that has been adopted into the Judicial System that is loosely translated from Latin to mean “speak the truth”. This is a process where the judge and attorneys from both sides question the juror panel to ensure that possible jurors will serve as impartial, fair jurors for the trial. If you are not selected to serve on a particular jury, you will return to the jury assembly room and may be called into another courtroom to serve.

If You’re Selected

Once a panel of jurors has been selected, the judge will provide further instructions regarding your service. In nearly every case, you’ll be allowed to return home following service for the day.
Jury sequestration is very rare. This is a process where the jury is kept separate from the public for the duration of a trial. It usually happens because of the nature of the trial. If sequestered, the jurors will have the opportunity to communicate with their families through court personnel; and arrangements will be made to have their clothing and personal articles delivered to them.

Role of the Jury

  • The Jury must find the facts.
  • The Jury must listen carefully to the evidence presented during the trial
  • The Jury should not discuss the case with anyone, including other jurors, during the trial.
  • The Jury should only discuss the case with fellow jurors during jury deliberations. It is during the deliberation process that the jurors come to a consensus as to the facts and determine which witnesses are credible.
  • The Jury must apply the law, as explained by the judge, to the facts.
  • The Jury determines the money damages in some civil cases or decides whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty in criminal cases.
  • The Jury arrives at a verdict.

When you’re done

Jurors are compensated for their time and travel. For more information, click here.