Pay, Mileage & Meals

Jurors receive nominal compensation for each day that they physically report for jury duty service, based upon rates established by the Pennsylvania General Assembly.  Jurors receive $9 per day for each of the first three days of their service, and $25 per day for each day thereafter.  Jurors also receive 17 cents per mile for mileage reimbursement for one round-trip commute per day between the juror's residence of record and the Judicial Center.

You should receive a full compensation check three to four weeks following the completion of service. You should not call and inquire about your check until four weeks have passed. 

Complimentary parking is available for jurors in certain parking garages. For more information, click here

Employers are not permitted to terminate employees due to jury service.

Jurors are normally NOT provided meals. A meal will be provided if a jury is sequestered or in certain cases when a jury is deliberating over the lunch hour. Normally you receive an hour or more to purchase a meal at a place of your choosing or to consume a packed lunch from home.

While jury service may be inconvenient and a hardship in certain situations, it is an extremely important civic duty. Without citizens willing to serve as jurors, our system of justice would not exist. Most jurors find the experience to be educational and rewarding.