Serving on jury duty is an civil responsibility that should not be taken lightly. It is an opportunity to have a direct impact and insight into the criminal justice system in York County. Unlike voting, it is mandatory. Please do not ignore your summons. Doing so may subject you to criminal prosecution.

As a general rule, no person is exempt or excused from jury duty except for the following reasons:

  • Person in active service of the armed forces of the United States
  • Persons who have served within three years
  • Persons demonstrating to the court undue hardship or extreme inconvenience may be excused permanently or for a limited period, and at the end of the period be assigned to the next jury selection.

Generally speaking, individuals seeking excusal from jury duty must show that they will experience a severe hardship as a result of their service. Even if you believe you may not be selected to serve on a jury because of your occupation, personal relationships, life experiences, you are required to appear for jury service.

Each and every deferral request is reviewed on an individual basis. Simply submitting a request for a deferral does not mean it will be granted. 

People with an illness, physical or mental disability that would prevent service may be required to provide a doctor's note verifying the disability and why you are unable to serve.

Here are some common examples where excusal requests under the hardship clause may be denied:

  • Personal relationships with an attorney, police officer or other individual that works in the law enforcement or court settings.
  • Serving is an inconvenience
  • Don’t want to serve

If you would like to submit a deferral request, please go here.