Sheriff's Sale - Rules and Instructions

General Information

  1. Sheriff Sales are held at the York County Administrative Center, 28 East Market Street, York PA 17401 at 2:00 P.M.
  2. For each property to be sold there is a handbill posted in the Sheriff's Office at the York County Judicial Center and an advertisement in the York Legal Record, York Daily Record, and York Dispatch. This will appear about a month before the sale for three (3) consecutive Thursdays.
  3. The properties are not available for inspection and the Sheriff's Office makes no guarantee on the condition of the property sold at a Sheriff's Sale.
  4. The Sheriff does not guarantee clear title to any property sold at sale. Under the law it is solely your responsibility to pay all lien holders to clear what is now your title.
  5. Interested parties are advised that a schedule of distribution, if applicable, will be posted in the Sheriff's Office not later than 30 days after the sale. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Sheriff sells the properties listed for sale pursuant to Court Order and the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure. This is a judicial sale and not a public auction. The Sheriff does not guarantee or warrant the real estate in any way. He is merely following the request of the Plaintiffs and selling whatever interest the Defendants might have in the various properties. It is for you and your attorney to determine what that interest is, before you buy. The Defendant might not own the property, some other person may own it, or there may be mortgages or liens against it that you must pay before you can obtain a clear title. All these factors are for you alone to determine. The Sheriff has not, and cannot, make these determinations for you. Once you make a bid, you have bought whatever interest the Defendant has, if any, and you must pay the sum of money to the Sheriff regardless of what you later find out about the title.
  2. You need to attend the sale at the date and time advertised. You will have to verbally bid on the property. The property is sold to the highest bidder at the sale. The attorney representing the financial institution who brought the action will start the bidding at Sheriff’s Costs and may announce an upset price. Generally the upset price is the minimum amount that will be accepted and your bid should start higher than the upset price.
  3. In order to comply with Pennsylvania Rule Of Procedure 3129.3, only the plaintiff or a representative of the plaintiff may begin the bidding unless specifically waived in writing prior to the sale.
  4. At the time of sale a deposit of ten percent of your final bid is required, which must be cash (not in excess of $9,000.00), money order, or certified check. NO ONE is permitted to leave the sale to retrieve these funds. The money order or certified check must be made payable to York County Sheriff’s Office.
  5. The balance of your bid is payable within ten (10) business days to the Sheriff in cash (not in excess of $9,000.00), money order or by certified check. If you do not pay the balance of your bid in the required amount of time, you will lose your deposit. Forfeiture of the deposit does not relieve the obligation to pay the balance due
  6. The Sheriff reserves the right to resell a property before the conclusion of the sale in the event of a dispute or if requested by the Execution Creditor upon the failure of the buyer to deposit the 10%, or to permit an additional bid from a third party in the event the Execution Creditor purchased the property for costs.
  7. No questions or discussions will be taken from the public regarding the sale during the sale.
  8. Attorneys should refrain from making announcements. If you wish announcements made, they must be submitted to and approved by the Sheriff prior to the sale and will be made by the Sheriff. This does not include a suggestion by counsel that their lien is a second mortgage.
  9. Counsel are reminded that poundage is due on all foreclosure cases that are satisfied or compromised prior to sale.