Sheriff's Sale - Rules and Instructions

General Information

  1. Sheriff Sales are held at the utilzing the on-line process at
  2. For each property to be sold there is a handbill posted in the Sheriff's Office at the York County Judicial Center and an advertisement in the York Legal Record, York Daily Record, and York Dispatch. This will appear about a month before the sale for three (3) consecutive Thursdays.
  3. The properties are not available for inspection and the Sheriff's Office makes no guarantee on the condition of the property sold at a Sheriff's Sale.
  4. The Sheriff does not guarantee clear title to any property sold at sale. Under the law it is solely your responsibility to pay all lien holders to clear what is now your title.
  5. Interested parties are advised that a schedule of distribution, if applicable, will be posted in the Sheriff's Office not later than 30 days after the sale. 

Terms and Conditions

Click Here for Conditons of Sale / Terms & Conditions.