Precious Metals Licensing

Pennsylvania Statute Title 73 P.S. § 1932 (a) requires a dealer in Precious Metals obtain a license from the Sheriff of each and every county in which the dealer purchases precious metals. As set by the Attorney General a $50.00 fee shall be paid into the treasury of the county where the license is issued.

All licenses will be valid for the duration of one year from the date of issue.

REPORTING – In accordance with Title 73 P.S. § 1933 (c) A copy of every record of transaction shall be delivered or mailed to the district attorney of the county in which a purchase of precious metals is made by the close of the next working day after the day on which the metal was purchased.

In the County of York your record should be sent to:




YORK, PA. 17401

SCALES - Having obtained your Precious Metals License, you are responsible to notify the Region 6 Office of the Weights and Measures Division to have your scale inspected and tested. Pennsylvania law mandates that the bureau assure that all weights and measures commercially used in determining the weight of commodities or things sold, on the basis of weight, are inspected, accurate and correct. There is no cost for this inspection and it is required.

To make these arrangements contact Region (6) at 717-234-4186

For an application for a Precious Metals license please click here. All license applications shall be mailed to:

York County Sheriff’s Office

Attn: Lt. Bret Newcomer

45 N. George St.

York, PA 17401

Remember to include your application and a check for $50.00 made out to the County of York.

When you receive your license it will include a copy of the Precious Metals Law for Pennsylvania, and a letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture on how to get your scales certified. If you should have any questions please contact Lt. Bret Newcomer at or call 717-771-9581