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The mission of the Criminal Response Unit Inmate Work Crew is to perform projects to greatly improve the appearance of the community, remove eyesores, and take away any places where criminal activity occurs.

The Criminal Response Unit also provides an inmate work crew. This includes utilizing inmates from the York County Prison and putting them to work cleaning up roads, clearing brush, painting public areas, and other needs of the community. These services are provided free of charge, upon request, to any government agency or any non profit organization who provides a service to the citizens of York County.

All municipalities in York County can request an inmate work crew to assist in a project or need for their community.

Request Process for Municipalities:

  1. Agency / Official will submit an Inmate Work Crew Request Form to the Sheriff’s Office CRU/ Work Crew Supervisor. (Municipality Work Request Form)
  2. Criminal Response Unit Commander or his designee will review the Inmate Work Crew Request Form with agency representative.
  3. Work crew sergeant will make initial determination if the request meets criteria.
  4. Work crew sergeant will assess and schedule the proposed project.
  5. Work crew sergeant will sign the Inmate Work Crew Request Form.
  6. Work crew sergeant will then forward the completed Inmate Work Crew Request Form to the CRU/Work Crew OIC for review.
  7. Work crew sergeant will schedule project to begin or notify site representative of denial


  1. Requesting agency is required to provide specialized equipment needed for requested job (Lawnmowers, Chippers, Dumpsters, Etc.).
  2. Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the operation of the job site.
  3. Agency may request to visit job site via the Inmate Work Crew Sergeant only
  4. Security and integrity of the job site is required for all involved parties
  5. Agency requesting assistance is required to appoint a point of contact for the C.R.U.
  6. Agency point of contact is required to meet at the job site twice daily to ensure the job is done at the proper location and that the job is performed as expected.
  7. The O.I.C. of the C.R.U. or his designee will have a direct phone number to contact the Agency point of contact.

All Inmate Work Crew Request Forms may be submitted to:

York County Sheriff’s Office
Crime Response Unit / Inmate Work Crew O.I.C
45 North George St.
York, Pa 17401

Prior to any job being performed and during each requested work order, the following will be considered when approving inmate work request forms:

  1. Hazards to life, health, and property
  2. Hazards that may develop during said work request
  3. Hazards that may develop if work request isn't started immediately

Municipality Work Request Form

Completed Work Crew Assignments

(Click link of job site to view before and after photos. Listed in order of most recent job site.)
Park St. & Penn St. Fire Alley York Rail Trail near York College
S. Perhsing Ave Newberry St. & Roosevelt Ave Railroad Tracks
Girard Ave. Railroad Tracks 200 Bl. S. Queen St. / Vacant Lot
Yoe Borough Project Willis Run Creek @ N. George St.
Willis Run Creek @ Beaver St. Codorus Creek @ W. Market St.
Charles Lane Abandoned House West York Borough Railroad Tracks Underpass Area

For more information about the Criminal Response Unit or the Criminal Response Unit Work Crews, Contact Sgt. Shawn Brady at 717-771-9987, or by email at