Criminal Response Unit


C 36207 York County Sheriff Assistant Chief Badge Pennsylvania AR


The primary mission of the Criminal Response Unit (CRU) is to serve the citizens of York County by deterring and reducing criminal activity in our community. The CRU works in support of York County Police Agencies, with specially trained Deputy Sheriff's. The CRU also focuses upon decreasing recidivism rates in York County by providing services directed towards rehabilitation of offenders.

The Criminal Response Unit meets regularly with local police departments, community leaders, community organizations, and citizens to address areas of concern in our community with regards to criminal activity and blight.

The Criminal Response Unit operates with flexibility in scheduling to allow for law enforcement presence where criminal activity requires it. Saturation patrol methods include foot, bicycle, and motor vehicle patrols.



Deputies assigned to the CRU will be readily available to follow orders under all types of conditions, and have the flexibility to improvise under extreme stress. It is imperative that the members function in a team environment & maintain a high degree of physical fitness.


All CRU assigned deputies are required to attend a number of training schools. They include: Act 2 Deputy Sheriff's Academy (19 weeks), bi annual firearms training (handgun, rifle, and shotgun), bicycle patrol school, community policing training, specialized tools training (less lethal weapons), and recertification training.


Upon request the CRU will provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies. Police departments are notified immediately of any major crimes discovered by the CRU.

Services Available

The CRU has deputies trained to perform the following assignments and these services may be requested:

  1. Saturation patrols in areas where drug/criminal activity is present
  2. Bicycle patrol details
  3. Prisoner transport details
  4. Patrols combining foot, bicycle, and motor vehicle
  5. Additional patrols in areas where burglaries, thefts, or vandalism are frequently occurring.
  6. Additional manpower at special events such as carnivals, VIP functions, etc.
  7. Additional manpower to assist with day-to-day operations of the police department, if the need were to arise as a result of emergency or exigent circumstances
  8. Special probation (adult and juvenile) enforcement along with warrant details.
  9. Curfew and Truancy details