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The main purpose of this division is to serve legal documents on any person, company, or corporation designated by the courts in civil actions. It is very important to obtain a good service (one that is legally binding).

The personnel of this department process an ever increasing amount of legal documents consisting of the following:

Civil Division

Orders to deputies for service on civil actions include:

  • Protection from Abuse
  • Action of Divorce
  • Writ of Summons and Complaints
  • Form of Subpoena
  • Writ of Attachment/Garnishment
  • Actions for Support
  • Out of State Actions
  • Deputizing other Counties for service

Download the service form information sheet (.pdf)

Download the request service form (.pdf)



Application for Return of Relinquished Weapons


If your firearm(s), other weapon(s), Ammunition, and / or Firearms License was confiscated pursuant to a court order, click here to complete a Application for Return.


Civil Case Status Search (New!)

 * Click on link below to search the status of your request by "Name" or "Docket Number"

* Docket numbers must be hyphenated to execute an accurate search. (Ex. 2013-su-0000-00)

* Name searches are conducted on a first and last name basis or just the last name of the defendant. (Ex. "John Doe" or "Doe")

Click Here to Search a Case Status

Real Estate

Preparation and processing of legal documents for Sheriff's Sale are in compliance with Rules of Civil Procedure.

Sheriff Sales are conducted periodically in accordance with a calendar provided by the Sheriff's Office. Sheriff's Sales Information

Personal Property

This section is similar to Real Estate but sales are scheduled on a daily basis.


Our office staff processes all of the accounting functions for the above groups and collects fees and issues checks where necessary. At the same time, the staff checks policy to be sure we follow the proper guidelines of our Controller's Office.

Advanced Fee Schedule

Civil Process Advance $150.00 (For more than 2 defendants call for fees)
Writ of Execution    
Personal Property Advance $200.00  
Garnishment Advance $200.00  
Possession Advance $200.00  
Real Estate Execution

Advance $3,000.00



Paperwork will be returned if the proper advance fee is not included.


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