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 What is Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

The York County Crisis Intervention Team or CIT is a community partnership between the York County criminal justice system, working with mental health professionals, consumers and family members to create a team of trained law enforcement professionals who will be readily available to intercept those individuals with mental health issues who are encountered by police at street level and are in crisis.  The aim of the program is to divert people with mental illness in crisis to more appropriate resources.  The purpose is to provide a more humane and calm approach for dealing with those with mental health issues and to integrate the police with the community to pursue the common goals of safety, understanding, and service to people with behavioural health issues and their families.

Benefits of Crisis Intervention Team
     •   Decreases officer injury rates
     •   Decreases number of arrests of individuals with
         mental illness
     •   Connects individuals in mental health crisis to
         appropriate mental health services
     •   Decreases use of force occurrences
     •   Decreases consumer injury rates