Probation Services

April J Billet-Barclay - Director of Probation Services

Welcome to the York County Probation Department of Adult Services.

The department is administered by a Director appointed by the President Judge and responsible to him/her and the Court Administrator for the operation of the department.  Deputy directors and supervisors assist in the management of the operation.  Assistant Supervisors train new Probation Officers, coordinate ongoing staff development, fill-in during the absence of Supervisors and maintain standard caseloads.

Probation Officers investigate, advise, counsel, and monitor individuals on probation and parole to foster their personal, social and economic adjustment in the community. Work involves the counseling and supervision of individuals on probation or parole, completion of pre-sentence investigations, violation reports and pre-parole plans. This also includes a wide variety of contacts with agencies, employers, friends and families in securing information regarding offenders, and assisting in developing useful and effective rehabilitation plans. Although the required work is regulated by law and well defined procedures, the employee is required to make decisions in emergency situations directly affecting the public safety and personal liberties of individuals.

Probation Officers are required to have a Bachelor's Degree, preferably in the behavior sciences. Upon employment, each officer receives extensive training specifically related to his/her duties.

To provide information to the Court to aid in the determination of appropriate dispositions for criminal offenders; to provide supervision of offenders in the community; to provide case planning, counseling, and referral services to offenders; to arrange special programming for offenders, directly or by purchase of service, in pursuit of determined case goals and objectives; to provide drug testing and monitoring to specialized caseloads; and to provide pre-trial supervision services.

The statutory base for probation service is found in the Act of August 6, 1963, No. 277, C.S. Section 6301, et. seq.

General office hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

If an emergency should occur outside of normal business hours that requires immediate assistance, please dial 911 and ask to speak to the on-call adult probation officer.

York County Probation and Parole Department 

Director: April J. Billet-Barclay




Deputy Director
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Rhys P. Kershaw     Danielle Salisbury Lisa Rumsey 
Amy B. Pace Support Staff Manager    Steve Vajda Abigail Runk 
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