General Information

Divorce and economic rules and forms are found in the 1920 series of the PA Rules of Civil Procedure and the York County Rules of Civil Procedure.

1)  York County Rules of Civil Procedure
2)  PA Rules of Civil Procedure
3)  Pennsylvania Statutes 

The Divorce Masters Office handles only cases in which the parties have disputes over divorce, division of property, temporary and permanent alimony, and related economic claims. You must file a Motion to Appoint a Master. Forms and Instructions are available on the Divorce Hearing Masters website under “Forms and Procedures.” Fees are on the Prothonotary website. 

If you want to check on the status of a divorce action filed in York County, or if you want to get a copy of a divorce decree entered in York County, contact:

York County Prothonotary Office

York County Judicial Center
45 North George Street, 1st Floor
York, PA 17401
Telephone No. (717) 771-9611