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Protection From Abuse Office
York County Judicial Center
45 North George Street
York, PA 17401

(717) 771-9662

Hours: 8:30 A.M. To 4:30 P.M. Monday thru Friday
Closed from 12:00 Noon to 12:30 P.M. Mondays & Thursdays

Domestic Violence Services in York County

These services are available in every county of Pennsylvania. They have legal advocates who will accompany the abused throughout this process, and also provide additional services for the abused.

ACCESS - YORK 1-800-262-8444

SAFE HOME - Hanover (717) 632-0007

The Protection from Abuse Office does not give legal advice. If you have any questions concerning your rights or responsibilities, you should contact an attorney.

Locate a Lawyer

Contact the Pennsylvania Bar Association Attorney Connection Service at:

137 East Market Street
York, PA 17401
(717) 854-8755

Or contact Central Pennsylvania Legal Services at:

29 North Queen Street
York, PA 17403
(717) 848-3605



Can I be protected in another County?

Yes. If you relocate, work, or visit relatives in another County or State, you should:

  • File a certified copy of the order with the civil court clerk or Prothonorary of the county in which you are in.
  • Hand deliver a certified copy to the police department that covers the area in which you are in.

Protection From Abuse Orders are registered immediately with the Pennsylvania State Police Protection From Abuse Registry. This will then be registered to the federal crime registry.

Protection From Abuse Orders are enforceable in all fifty (50) states, District of Columbia, Tribal Lands, U.S. Territories and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

What if I want to be with the abuser?

If you decide you want to be with the abuser, first you must ask the Courts permission to modify the order.

Even if you grant the abuser permission to contact you, the abuser is still subject to prosecution for contempt unless the Protection From Abuse Order is modified.

To modify a Protection From Abuse Order you must file modification paperwork with the Protection From Abuse Office. It takes approximately 3 weeks for the hearing.

What Help is Available at Night or on Weekends?

If the Judicial Center is closed, you will need to call your local police department or call 911 and ask, “How can I get an emergency PFA?” A District Magistrate will get in contact with you and give you further instructions. The emergency protection order will only be good till the end of the next business day. A new petition must be filed with the Protection From Abuse Office early the next business day. It takes approximately two hours to petition the court you will need to be in the office any day during the week before 2:00 pm for a Judge to review your petition. All petitions are subject to a Judge approval.

What Protection Will I Receive?

The court may order the abuser to:

  1. stop abusing you and/or your children;
  2. stay away from the house or apartment where you live;
  3. stay away from you, your residence, your school and your place of employment;
  4. refrain from harassing you and / or stalking you;
  5. turn over any weapons to the sheriff if they were used or were threatened to be used during the abuse;
  6. pay you for financial losses resulting from the abuse. (These losses could include medical, dental, relocation, attorney fees, as well as loss of earnings)

The court may also award you temporary custody of your children and may grant you temporary support for yourself and/or the children of the abuser, until a final order of support / custody is entered through the proper court proceeding.

Note: The PFA process is NOT intended as a substitute for custody, support or property dispute proceedings.

What if the Order is Violated?

If the abuser violates the Order you should contact the police immediately to report the violation.

A hearing must be held before the judge can determine the abuser's guilt or innocence. An abuser found in contempt can be placed in jail for up to six (6) months and/or fined $1,000.00 for each violation.

An abuser who travels outside the state and intentionally violates the order may be subject to federal criminal proceedings.

Where Can I File for a PFA?

Where can I file a PFA?

Legal papers can be filed with the Court of Common Pleas at the York County Judicial Center, which is located at 45 N. George Street, York, PA 17401. A lawyer is not required to file papers.

  • After 5:00 p.m., you may apply for emergency PFA by dailing 911 and ask to speck to a Duty Justice. The Duty Justice will then conact you with further instructions.
  • Your emergency order expires at the end of the next business day.
  • The PFA office does not take appointments; it is on a first come, first served basis.
  • The filing of a petition and the interview may take up to two hours.
  • Preparing for Ex-Parte Hearing
  • No food, drinks, or cell phones are permitted in the Judicial Center.

How is the abuser notified of the court proceedings?

The defendant must be served with a copy of the petition, notice of the hearing and any temporary order which was issued.

The York County Sheriff's Department will make every attempt to serve the order within 24 hours assuming the address that is provided to the court is correct. It is important that the correct address of the abuser is provided to the PFA office.

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