Records Check

  1. How to request a Records Check by email…
  2. Select “Make Payment” tab.
  3. Click “Filing Fee Payment” and navigate to the PayTRUST Solutions website.
  4. Enter $7.00 for the Record Check fee
  5. Accept the $3.00 convenience fee to pay by credit card for a total of $10.00
  6. Enter required name, address, and phone information. Provide email address if desired.
  7. Enter “67” – York County’s county number.
  8. Enter a case number if you are inquiring on a specific case. If multiple cases, enter the most recent case number. If requesting a general background check, please enter the sample case number of “CR1234567” and the year “2008” or “CR12345672008.”
  9. Select or click on the “radio button” next to Record Check.
  10. Enter card type, number and expiration date and complete transaction.
  11. Once payment is made please contact the Records Check clerk at and indicate you’ve made an on-line payment and request your records check. Please provide your name (or payor’s name) within the email so that we may reference your payment. You will receive a confirmation email and will receive a follow-up email within one business day with your records check information attached as PDF documents (AdobeAcrobat reader required).