Members & Organizational Structure

History of York CJAB and its Role

As early as 1997, York County recognized the need for a formal County-wide group to prioritize, coordinate, and manage new justice initiatives. In 2002, the York County Criminal Justice Advisory Board formed to meet this need. Since then, the CJAB has pursued a wide variety of projects, programs, and other initiatives. For more information on CJAB-sponsored activities please visit our Projects page.

CJAB members

Membership on the CJAB covers a broad range of community interests in the County’s criminal justice system. The CJAB is required, through its by-laws, to include the following representation:

  • President Judge, Court of Common Pleas
  • Director of Probation Services
  • Juvenile Probation Services Representative
  • Director of the Youth Development Center
  • Clerk of Courts
  • County Commissioner
  • Court Administrator
  • District Attorney
  • Magisterial District Judge Association Representative
  • Executive Director, York County Human Services Division
  • Executive Director, York County Information Services Department
  • Executive Director, York County Planning Commission
  • Judge, Court of Common Pleas
  • Police Chiefs Association Representative
  • Chief Public Defender
  • Pennsylvania State Police Representative
  • Pennsylvania State Board of Probation and Parole Representative
  • Sheriff
  • Warden, York County Prison
  • Mayor of York City
  • Local Victims Organization

The CJAB is chaired by the designee of the President Judge. In 2015, Don O’Shell, York County’s Clerk of Courts, is serving as Chair of CJAB.

Staff support for CJAB is provided through two positions, the CJAB Coordinator and the Criminal Justice Planner. The CJAB Coordinator is housed in the Court Administration Office and provides day-to-day committee coordination and support. The Criminal Justice Planner is housed in the York County Planning Commission and provides data and analysis to support the CJAB’s decision-making process.


A copy of the CJAB’s by-laws may be found here.