County Human Services

Case Management Role

Levels of Case Management:

Administrative Case Management:

This is a direct service of the Administrator’s Office, which links consumers with mental illness to the appropriate services. Services are available for the purpose of facilitating, coordinating and monitoring a person’s access to mental health services and community resources.

The activities include: intake, development of a service plan, certification of mental disability, liability determination, referral for services, authorization for services, coordination and monitoring of the service plan and monitoring of service delivery.

Intensive Case Management or Resource Coordination: Is a service which assists individuals with mental illness/emotional disturbances in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational and other services as specified by the consumer and family (PA Code, Title 55, Public Welfare).

This level of case management is a primary, direct service to the targeted population of the mentally ill. It is designed to ensure access to community agencies, services and people whose functions are to provide the support, training and assistance required for a stable, safe and healthy community life (PA Code, Title 55, Public Welfare).

Eight basic roles of ICM/RC:

  • Assessment of needs
  • Service Planning: Developing of goals/objectives that ICM/RC will work with family/consumer to achieve.
  • Informal Support
  • Networking Building
  • Gaining Access to Services: Aggressive and creative attempts to obtain resources and services that have been specified in the treatment/goal plan.
  • Monitoring of Services
  • Use of Community Resources
  • Linking with Services Problem Resolution