County Human Services


Who can make a referral?
Anyone that has concerns regarding a child’s development can contact our office and make a referral. Upon parent/guardian consent, the child will receive a Multi-disciplinary Evaluation at no cost, which will determine if the child is eligible to receive Early Intervention services.

What areas of development are evaluated?
The Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation consists of five developmental areas/domains:

  • Cognitive
  • Communication
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical
  • Adaptive

What qualifies a child for Early Intervention Services?
A child must have one of the following to be considered eligible:

  • A 25% delay or greater in one or more areas of development.
  • A diagnosis that leads to a high probability of delay, and results in the need for specialized instruction to participate in typical activities and routines.

What is the cost for the evaluation and services (if eligible)?
Early Intervention services are absolutely free, and at no cost to you. If a child is eligible, the family is entitled to receive services/supports regardless of family income levels. Services and supports are funded through County, State, and Federal tax dollars (i.e. Medicaid, Federal ITF Waiver Program).

What if my child does not qualify for services?
If your child does not qualify, you have the option to enter your child into the Early Intervention Tracking Program. In the Tracking Program, an Ages and Stages Questionnaire(ASQ) is mailed to families every two months until the child is 2 years old, and then every three months thereafter through their 3rd birthday. The ASQ asks questions in all 5 developmental areas. The ASQ is scored and sent back to you. If your child scores low in any area, you will receive a follow up phone call from an Early Intervention Service Coordinator. Re-evaluation is an option if concerns persist.