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Naloxone Funding Initiative

Naloxone Funding Initiative

The Commission’s goal is to provide local entities with Narcan in order to encourage widespread use in the hopes of preventing opioid related overdose deaths.  Free Narcan is available for qualifying entities through the Commission in accordance with stipulations outlined in the Narcan Funding Agreement.

Commission qualifying entities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Community: Drug & Alcohol licensed treatment providers, recovery support entities, etc.
  2. Fire/EMS: Fire Departments and Basic Life Support Emergency Medical Services
  3. Police: County Police Departments

Further, funding for Narcan is intended for the following use: 

  1. Utilization at entity site:  Maintained on-site for revival at on-site location of entity
  2. Utilization in the field:  Maintained for revival of individuals in the field
  3. Distribution to community members: The approved Licensed EMS Agency after responding to an opioid-related overdose, can distribute to a family member, friend or person who can take receipt of a dose of Narcan or the overdose victim if he/she shows a willingness and desire to accept Narcan. For the purpose, of having a community member utilize for revival and agreement to call 911 in an overdose emergency. 

 The York/Adams Drug and Alcohol Commission (YADAC) and Minnich's Pharmacy are pleased to announce a new partnership for Narcan distribution. Effective AUGUST 1, 2018, Minnich's Pharmacy will be the sole distributor of YADAC's Narcan. This transition shall ensure expedient mobile delivery of Narcan, allow for best practice through re-distribution of expiring Narcan, in addition to supporting leave-behind Narcan Kits for EMS distribution. 

Outline of new agreement:

  1. All deliveries will be mobile and will be made the same day if order is placed by 11am, Monday through Saturday. If the request for supply is made after 11am, delievery will be the next day. Requests made after 11am Saturday will be delivered Monday.
  2. Minnich's Pharmacy On-Call Service will be availabe 24/7 for emergencies only and may be reached at 717-676-0671. After 9pm Monday through Friday, after 6pm Saturday or anytime Sunday will be considered an emergency. Holidays shall be considered an emergency.
  3. Minnich's Pharmacy will re-distribute Narcan supplies with 6 months until expiration to high volume facilities. As such, all receivning entities must internally monitor expiration dates of the Narcan they receive. Upon approaching 6 month until expiration, submit a Narcan Client Order form to Minnich's including the full replacement number of Narcan needed. Further, gather all expiring Narcan and give to Minnich's at the time of delivery so they may re-distribute.
  4. EMS are HIGHLY encouraged to provide leave-behind Narcan to overdose victims who refuse transport. As such, leave-behind Kits have been developed for this explicit purpose. Please order the number of leave-behind Kits on the Narcan Client Order form.
  5. All entities who have not yet signed a PCCD EMS Narcan Agreement must do so. Please see instructions below under "Narcan Initiative Approval".

Narcan Initiative Approval:

To be approved for the YADAC Narcan Initiative, plase complete and submit the Adams Narcan Approval Process Documents or York Narcan Approval Process Documentsto:

Note: If you have already been approved, you only need to fill out the PCCD EMS Agreement form for your respective County.

To Re-Order:

When re-ordering, please complete and sumbit the Narcan Client Order form to: AND


All entities receiving Narcan through YADAC funding are required to complete and sumbit a Narcan Utilization Report in order to effectively track the utilization of Narcan.

Reports must be completed each time Narcan is utilized and must be submitted to no later than the 15th day of each month for the previous month's utilization.

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Narcan Training Presentation

CLICK HERE to view  a PDF version of the York County Human Service Narcan Training Presentation