County Human Services

Case Management

There is a movement in the drug and alcohol field from an acute care model of treatment to a recovery management model. The Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) and the York/Adams Drug & Alcohol Commission(YADAC) support this concept of a Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) and the shift from an acute care model to a recovery management model. Creating a recovery-oriented systems of care in York and Adams counties will, however, require a transformation in the service system as it shifts to becoming responsive to meet the needs of the individuals and families seeking services.

Recovery support services are a key component of ROSC. Recovery support services are the non-clinical services (that is: education/vocation; employment; physical health; emotional/mental health; family/social; living arrangements/housing; legal status; basic needs of food, clothing, and utilities; life skills; child care; and transportation) that assist individuals in their attempt to recover from substance-use related problems. YADAC has contracted with its licensed drug and alcohol treatment providers in the York and Adams counites to provide the case coordination of recovery support services as part of the client's treatment episode. Linking/coordinating a client to the available support services for the identified non-clinical treatment-related needs at the provider level and as part of the treatment episode, increases the probability that a recovery-oriented self-sufficient life-style during the treatment episode may occur. The staff of the contracted treatment providers are, therefore, considered "case managers at the provider level".

While Intensive Case Management (ICM) services are no longer mandated by DDAP, YADAC has made provisions to accommodate referrals for this specialized service. ICM services are reserved for those individuals who meet the ICM criteria set forth by DDAP indicating they have multiple needs and lack the skills or resources to meet those needs IN ADDITION to having a diagnosed substance use disorder. Referred individuals MUST be receiving drug & alcohol treatment services and/or be in agreement to be admitted into drug and alcohol treatment to qualify for a referral. Therefore, most ICM referrals will be made by the YADAC contracted treatment providers. Admission into YADAC ICM services is strictly VOLUNTARY.