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Volunteer Programs

APPRISECarol Volunteer services are very important to the Agency on Aging.  Individuals who are committed and willing to help other people will find a rewarding volunteer opportunity with the York County Area Agency on Aging.


You are eligible to become a YCAAA volunteer if you are:

     * 18 years of age or older
     * Are willing to explore a new area of interest
     * Are sensitive and alert to the needs of others
     * Can adjust to new situations
     * Able to make a minimum of one year commitment
     * Will attend training sessions to learn more about the particular volunteer opportunity  


Volunteer opportunities include the following:

     * "10 Keys"TM to Healthy Aging
     * A Matter of Balance Coach
     * Delivery Driver
     * Diabetes Self-Management Lay Leader
     * Financial Counselor
     * Friendly Visitor
     * General Office Assistant
     * Health Steps for Older Adults Leader
     * PA MEDI Counselor
     * Special Events
     * Telephone Reassurance
     * Volunteer Ombudsman


"10 Keys"TM to Healthy Aging Health Ambassador:

"10 Keys"TM to Healthy Aging is an evidence-based program designed to educate, equip and empower participants to successfully manage their health and improve their quality of life.  In partnership with The Center for Aging and Population Health - CDC Prevention Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh, YCAAA volunteers have the opportunity to be trained as Health Ambassadors.  Health Ambassadors facilitate one 2-hour class per week for 5 consecutive weeks.  After completion of the required training, the volunteer teaches the latest health promotion/disease prevention guidelines, encourages interactive and open discussion about preventative measures, and coordinates with the APPRISE Counselor when indicated.  Volunteers joining this program are asked to commit to an on-line education module and receive a Certificate of Completion, observe a workshop and/or participate in 3 hours of local training.


ChrisKess  MOBTraining

A Matter of Balance Coach:

A Matter of Balance is a proven program to help people manage concerns about falls and increase physical activity.  Coaches help participants become more confident about managing falls, help to identify ways to reduce falls, and lead exercises to help increase strength and balance. A Coach needs to have good communication and interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, dependability and a willingness to lead small groups of older adults, as well as have the ability to lead low to moderate level exercise. Volunteers joining this program are asked to commit to 8 hours of training and commit to partnering with another volunteer to teach 4 classes annually.  For more information on becoming a Matter of Balance Coach visit the Forms and Documents page. For a Matter of Balance Coach description follow this link.



Delivery Driver:

Delivery volunteers assist in the delivery of the agency newspaper New Horizons four times a year to public locations for further distribution.  Private car or use of an agency vehicle is available.  Volunteer drivers also assist in the dissemination of agency literature to medical offices and other public locations.  This position involves an assigned area and requires routine follow-up to restock the literature.


Diabetes Self-Management Lay Leader

Diabetes Self-Management Program is one of Stanford University's Steps to Healthier LivingTM proven programs.  Its is designed for older adults to better control their type 2 diabetes and other health problems.  Two leaders facilitate a series of workshops once a week for six weeks.  These sessions help participants learn to manage blood glucose levels, prevent serious health problems and reduce or manage weight.  Most volunteers in the program have type 2 diabetes (or have a close family member or friend who does) and can relate to the challenges faced when living with diabetes.  Leaders need to have good communication skills, be enthusiastic and willing to lead small groups of adults 50 years of age or older.  Volunteers in the program commit to 4-days of local training and minimum of one series of workshops annually.  For more information on becoming a Diabetes Self-Management Lay Leader, click here for the position description.


Financial Counselor:

Trained volunteers provide assistance to older adults who have been authorized for service by a York County Area Agency on Aging care manager.  The Volunteer Financial Counselor visits a consumer on a regular basis to assist with budgeting, interpreting, and processing household bills and applications for senior benefits and exemptions.  The Volunteer Financial Counselor works closely with the consumer's care manager.  Involvement in this program requires a time commitment of four to eight hours per month.  Nine hours of training is provided before the volunteer is assigned to work with a consumer.


Friendly Visitor:

Trained volunteers are assigned on a one-to-one basis to visit an older adult who is homebound and in need of a friend.  The volunteer visits about once a week, bringing companionship, information, and sharing activities.  Volunteers participate in orientation and training.


General Office Assistant:

Trained volunteers assist the Agency staff with record keeping, data entry, phone calls, preparing packets, scheduling tax appointments, assisting with the Rent-A-Kid Program and other office work.  This job can involve a regular assigned time to work at the agency or on an-call basis depending on the identified needs. 

 HSOA 2010 HeritageHealthySteps

Healthy Steps for Older Adults Leader

Healthy Steps for Older Adults, an initiative through Pennsylvania Department of Aging, evolved into a nationally recognized, evidence-based program that has been proven to reduce the risk of falls.  This falls prevention program is for adults 50 years of age and older. It is designed to raise awareness of falls, introduce steps on how to reduce falls, improve overall health and provide referrals and resources.  Volunteers in the program commit to completing 3 online training modules (approximately 2-3 hours) and 1 full day of workshop leader training.  Following training, volunteers and staff members conduct community programs that include physical skills assessments to determine falls risk scores for the participants.  Additionally, volunteers conduct educational workshops "Preventing Falls" and "Staying Active," assist with making referrals, and provide follow-up questionnaires with the participants.  For more information or to watch a video of falls prevention workshop in action, visit  Follow this link for the leader job description, and this one for a Healthy Steps support job description.



PA MEDI Counselor:

Pennsylvania Medicare Education and Decision Insight, PA MEDI is a free health insurance counseling program designed to help Medicare beneficiaries with Medicare and other insurance issues.  PA MEDI counselors are specially trained volunteers who can answer questions about Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid and Prescription Drug Coverage.  Prescheduled appointments at various sites throughout the County allow the volunteer to work within a flexible timeframe.  Involvement in this program requires a time commitment of eight to ten hours a month.  Volunteers attend an eighteen-hour training program offered by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging.  In addition, volunteers receive additional local and state training, a certification and support from local PA MEDI staff.


Special Events:

Special Event volunteers assist in a supportive role at a variety of special events and activities, including seminar and event registration, distribution of the Farmers Market Nutrition vouchers, Senior Games and other activities.  The assignment is on an "on-call" basis depending on the identified needs. 


Telephone Reassurance:

Trained volunteers will make regular telephone calls to assigned homebound or isolated older adults in need of a friendly voice and/or regular contact.  Volunteers joining this program are asked to commit to six to ten hours monthly and to participate in orientation and training.

 doug hoke

Volunteer Ombudsman:

Trained volunteers assist the York County Area Agency on Aging's Ombudsman Program by providing a visible presence in York County's long-term care facilities and promoting an enhanced quality of life for the residents. They listen to resident concerns; offer information about access to programs and services for residents, families and facility staff.  Each Volunteer Ombudsman is assigned to a long-term care facility and visits that facility on a regular basis committing to six to eight hours per month.  They objectively assess and identify residents' problems and concerns, encourage self-advocacy, and aid in the resolution of problems.  Initial eight hour training is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, followed by local training, and an ongoing opportunity for enrichment training.

APPRISELuncheonIf you are interested in learning more about the Area Agency on Aging volunteer opportunities, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (717) 771-9610 or 1-800-632-9073, or by email at
The Volunteer application and Criminal Background Check form can be found on the Forms and Documents page.