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Property Tax/Rent Rebate

Eligibility criteria:

  • 65 years of age or older or married to someone 65 years of age or older; or
  • 50 years of age or older and a widow/widower; or
  • 18 years of age or older and permanently disabled.

AND: Owned and occupied your home or rented an apartment, nursing home, personal care boarding home or similar residence in Pennsylvania during the period for which you are claiming the rebate.

The Property Tax/Rent Rebate is based on the property taxes paid or included in the rent paid during the previous calendar year.

Participants will now receive:

Homeowners Income Homeowners Rebate
$0 - $8,000 $650
$8,001- $15,000 $500
$15,001 - $18,000 $300
$18,001 - $35,000 $250


Renters Income Renters Rebate
$0-$8,000 $650
$8,001-$15,000 $500

*Remember to exclude one-half of Social Security, Supplemental Security Income and Railroad Retirement Tier 1 benefits when calculating eligibility income.

The deadline to apply for the 2020 Property Tax/Rent Rebate is December 31, 2021. 

The Department of Revenue will pay property tax and rent rebate claims filed on behalf of claimants who lived at least one day during a claim year and meet all other eligibility criteria.  Such claims can be filed by spouses, personal representatives or estates, on behalf of deceased claimants.

As a result of House Bill 1067 income eligibility guidelines for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program have changed so that income increases due solely to Social Security cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) will no longer disqualify claimants from receiving rebates.

New Online Filing Option: myPATH

Older adults now have a new option to file for their annual Property Tax/Rent Rebate with the Department of Revenue’s myPATH system. 

Using myPATH offers many benefits, including: 

  • Fast processing and direct deposit options 
  • The “Where’s My Rebate?” system to track the status of a claim online 
  • Error-reducing automatic calculators 
  • Security features to ensure your sensitive information is safe 
  • User-friendly features that are not available when filing a paper application

For more information, visit the Department of Revenue’s website.

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