County Human Services

Pennsylvania Caregiver Support Program

The Pennsylvania Caregiver Support Program focuses on caregivers who are caring for an adult age sixty (60) or older (care receiver). The program can also assist caregivers of adults under age 60 who have a documented diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or other chronic dementia.

This program is designed to support the caregiver. To be eligible for this program, the caregiver must be providing regular, hands on care to the care receiver and the care receiver must need assistance with at least one (1) activity of daily living.  In this program the caregiver arranges the services most needed to help care for the older relative at home.  The caregiver is reimbursed for care giving expenses authorized by the York County Area Agency on Aging through a sliding fee scale based on the household’s income.

Types of services eligible for reimbursement under the Pennsylvania Caregiver Support Program:

  • Respite
  • Consumable medical supplies
  • Adult Day Care
  • Personal Care

Authorization for the Caregiver Support Program requires an in-home assessment of the caregiver and care receiver’s needs.  During the assessment verification of household income must be provided.  The care manager and the caregiver will determine what services and consumable supplies will be eligible for reimbursement by the Agency.  It is the responsibility of the caregiver to manage and pay for the respite, supplies, etc., and to keep an accounting of what has been spent. The percentage of eligibility determines the amount to be reimbursed per month to the caregiver.

**Under no circumstances can a family member be hired and paid to provide care to their relative.