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Honoring Agency Volunteers

Volunteers are a vital part of the Agency on Aging.  They help to supplement and expand the agency’s services to the community.  

The agency is proud to recognize and thank the 152 agency volunteers who have provided more than 8,613 hours at a value of $219,029 this past fiscal year, on behalf of older adults in York County. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Our volunteer recognition event had to be canceled in April of this year; however, we want to recognize our volunteers that make a big difference!

Volunteer of the Month Awards 

 2019                                                                          2020                                                

May   Shirley Kinard            January      Ray Quickel
June   Richard McDermott          February        Karen Claycombe
July   Patricia Egger   March Bill Tileston
August   Jody Duncan   April Laura Kirk
September   Kay Bufflap      
October   Rich Hartman      
November   Cheri Muir      
December        Catherine Dietz      


Patricia Egger Kay Bufflap Cheri Muir Ray Quickel Bill Tileston
PEgger2020 3 KBufflap2020 3 CMuir2020 3 RQuickel2020 3 BTileston2020 3


One Year Award Five Year Award Ten Year Award
Brooke Eschbach         Anita Brenneman           Catherine Dietz          
Diane Gerhart Kay Bufflap Debra Daniels
Therese Laucks Virgina Crump Bernard Frick
Curtis Miller Elizabeth Grove Donald Lyons
Mausann Miller Joan Gumberlock            
Jacqueline Prince           Judy Lehigh  
Georgianna Schreck              


Fifteen Year Award     
Twenty Year Award     
Twenty-Five Year Award     
Thirty Year Award
Patricia Egger John Manley Susan Heinle Bob Fallon
Ruth Ehrlich   Kim Maglaughlin  
Gene Shue      


Volunteer Recognition Committee
Nancy Eyster
Mary Griffin
Julie Hicks

To learn more about volunteer programs and other volunteer opportunities with York County Area Agency on Aging, please call Hope Eberly at 717-852-4902, or email, or visit the “Become a Volunteer” page on this website.