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Welcome to the website for the YC Area Agency on Aging!

The primary focus of the York County Area Agency on Aging is to provide education, advocacy and coordination of community-based services to empower older adults to maximize their independence and quality of life. 

Tips for Using Your New Medicare Drug Coverage

If you’ve just joined a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) for the first time, or you switched to a new Medicare drug plan, there are some things you can do to make sure your first visit to the pharmacy goes smoothly.

The first time you use your new Medicare drug plan, you should come to the pharmacy with as much information as possible. Here’s what you need to bring to the pharmacy:

~   Your red, white, and blue Medicare card
~   Photo ID (like a state driver’s license or passport)
~   Your plan membership card

If you don’t have a plan membership card, you should also bring these to the pharmacy:

~   An acknowledgement or confirmation letter from the plan, if you have one
~   An enrollment confirmation number from the plan, if you have one (Note: Only confirmation numbers from the plan will work, not those from Medicare’s Online Enrollment Center at
~   The name of the Medicare drug plan you joined (Note: If you have not received a plan membership card or any plan enrollment materials, letting your pharmacist know the name of your plan can help them confirm your plan enrollment and get the information they need to bill your plan. The pharmacist may have to search for your plan information, and it may take extra time for them to fill your prescription.)

APPRISE can help!
APPRISE is the State Health Insurance Assistance Program in Pennsylvania. We provide free, unbiased insurance counseling to people on Medicare. APPRISE counselors are specifically trained to answer any questions about your coverage. We provide you with clear, easy to understand information about your Medicare options.

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